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Know the cheapest cars to maintain in Nigeria.

These are the brands of cars to think of when it comes to the consideration of maintenance. It is true that the cost of owning a car is more than just the amount paid for its purchase. And in a country like Nigeria where roads are of world standard, the consideration of car maintenance should be prime. With regards to that consideration, it should be highlighted here that the cost of car upkeep is of different variations; because when it comes [...]


5 easy ways to keep your vehicle in excellent shape

Maintaining your car does not have to difficult or expensive. Thanks to these Pulse tips, you can take care of your car with no stress. A lot of people see car maintenance as an extremely task that should be avoided at all cost. This mentality often results in a wrecked car, that has to be towed to the workshop. Thankfully, Pulse is here to show you how to take care of your vehicle without spending a lot of money or killing yourself [...]


7 important things you should always do before starting your car

There are necessary things you have to do before you even turn on your on your engine. Find out what they are  There are two kinds of car owners, the ones who maintain their vehicles for years and the ones, who can not seem to keep their car for more than a year. The difference between these two is the simple, easy, loving ways the first set of car owners take to ensure that their automobiles run smoothly. These ways involve doing [...]


5 of the best car interior and exterior cleaning products

There are four major areas to car interior cleaning that require the most frequent treatment and attention. We have decided to review and compile this list of best car cleaning kits to enable you grace your car with an impressive stunning condition. But, the reason for our decision is based on the awareness that often times the interior of our cars get left much longer between cleans than the exteriors; and even the exteriors do not get to attain the condition [...]


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