5 easy ways to keep your vehicle in excellent shape

5 easy ways to keep your vehicle in excellent shape

Maintaining your car does not have to difficult or expensive. Thanks to these Pulse tips, you can take care of your car with no stress.

A lot of people see car maintenance as an extremely task that should be avoided at all cost.

This mentality often results in a wrecked car, that has to be towed to the workshop.

Thankfully, Pulse is here to show you how to take care of your vehicle without spending a lot of money or killing yourself in the process.

Car MaintenanceCar Maintenance

Here are 5 easy ways to keep your vehicle in good condition.

1. Change your oil regularly.

Car MaintenanceCar Maintenance

2. Check the radiator: For second-hand/ tokunbos, check every two weeks. New cars do not necessarily need to be checked as long as it is serviced regularly.

3. Check your tire pressure on a weekly basis.

4. Check your wipers. This is very important during the rainy season.

Car MaintenanceCar Maintenance

5. Protect your paint by using car wash, rather than detergents. In the absence of the car wash, simply clean your car with water and a damp cloth.

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