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    Flat Wiper Blade ”16


     Simple and easy to fit. A natural soft rubber, high performance wiper blade. Flat design with precision-tensioned, dual steel spring for uniform pressure along the whole blade. Precision cut wiping edge for maximum clearance of water from the windscreen. Aerodynamic design reduces wind lift at speed.
    • Resistant to Heat & Cold
    • OEM Quality
    • Universal Fit

    Fittings Supplied. The length of blade is specific to your vehicle so please ensure you measure your existing wiper blades before purchasing a specific size. Please note that the driver, passenger and rear blades may all be different sizes, so be sure to measure all of the blades you wish to replace.

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    Car Mat Beige Textured

    Car Mats

    Our car floor mats are eco-friendly, durable, all weather floor mats used to protect your car floor from stains and debris. The backing of our auto floor mats is made from 92% recycled rubber tires, providing for an eco-friendly way to add new auto mats (or replace your old car mats) while caring for the environment. Top quality car floor mats at an affordable price. Set includes two front and two rear floor mats.

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    Battery-C20(AH): 75

    Product Description
    Dry Charged Model Without Acid – C20(AH): DIN 75

    Dry Charged Model Without Acid – C20(AH): DIN 75 (12V) / Heavy duty battery/ rechargeable battery/ Automotive battery/ Din standard battery/ vehicle battery/ car battery


    Features of  (12V ) dry battery for automobiles:
    (1). Safe and environmental friendly.
    (2). User safety always our first priority. Batteries are environmental friendly during the whole life time.
    (3). Humanity product design.
    (4). Considering for users conveniently with good looking appearance.
    (5). Strong technology and developing power.
    (6). Great Base Power Tech Co Ltd has excellent technology and development tea international standard laboratory. We can fast design a developing new product under APQP program for our clients. We assure you of the excellent performance of Motor Connect batteries.
    (7). Strict Quality control.
    (8). Our professional management team working for zero inferior and ensures the reliability of Motor Connect batteries.
    (9). Perfect customer service system.
    (10). We highly regarding all feedback from customers, our customer service department will support you in shortest time and provide you a satisfactory.

    Applications of dry charge automotive batteries:
    1. Applicable for automotive, tractor, startup of mining and construction vehicle, lighting and ignition.
    2. Applicable for startup and ignition of all gasoline and diesel engine.
    3. Applicable for power supply of the electric equipment on automotive, tractor, mining and construction vehicle.

    Our advantages of  (12V) dry charged Automotive car battery:
    1. Competitive prices with reliable quality.
    2. Adopting high quality ABS plastic for battery case, stronger and heatproof.
    3. Plates made of high purity lead 99.994-99.996% dry charged battery
    4. High quality AGM separator, pure acid

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    Brake Pads – Honda CRV

    Genuine Honda CRV Brake Pads 8DB355013-611

    Your Honda’s ability to brake properly and reliably is obviously of the utmost importance for the safety of you and your passengers.

    Engineered to meet the exact braking specifications of your Honda vehicle, Genuine Honda Brake Pads and their accompanying hardware are precision designed and built from state-of-the-art materials.

    Genuine Honda Brake Pads represent one of the highest possible standards in brake technology.

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Motor Connect is uniquely placed to be ‘the Friend of the Motorist’ by providing end-to-end solutions for their auto aftercare needs.

Motor Connect aims to be the number one car spare/consumables retailer and maintenance services provider in Nigeria within 5 years of operation; and top in West Africa in the near future. In the near future, the company will also provide MOT/Road Worthiness, service and repairs in the Nigeria through Motor Connect Auto Centres. Motor Connect will accomplish this by opening Retail Stores, Auto Centres and a combination of both (Mega Branches) along metropolitan cities in Lagos and around Nigeria in its first couple years of operation.


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